Unite in Pink

Jared Beaman

About 50 Australian women are diagnosed with breast cancer or a gynaecological cancer every day. Cancer Council, one of the leading Australian advocates for cancer research, support and education, organises Pink Ribbon Day each year to raise funds and awareness in order to assist in battling women’s cancers.

Pink Ribbon Day for 2014 aimed to raise $9.47million nationally. Under the banner ‘Unite in Pink’, volunteers held fundraising events all over the country from main street stalls to shopping centres, parks and businesses.

In Werris Creek on Friday October 24, Cancer Council volunteers held a morning tea and fundraising event in partnership with Werris Creek Pharmacy. Close to 50 local residents gathered together to enjoy morning tea and support the event’s cause.

A number of cancer survivors were present during the morning tea including recent survivor Leonie Byrnes and survivor of close to 22 years, Winsome Hills.

“It’s been great to see everyone supporting Pink Ribbon day,” said Winsome. “Years ago, when I was first diagnosed, there was very little assistance around here. I had to go to Sydney for all my radio therapy and other appointments which made it pretty difficult. To have the facilities and support that they’ve got here now and to see the work that the Cancer Council does for the area is just marvellous.”

Winsome’s daughter Shaen Fraser, the North West Community Programs Organiser for Cancer Council, explained, “This year’s theme is ‘Unite in Pink’ so we thought that having a couple of survivors present from different time periods since they’ve finished their cancer journey would be a good tie in”

Shaen outlined that Pink Ribbon day was not just about supporting women with breast cancer but about supporting those suffering from any form of women’s cancer.

In Quirindi, members of Quirindi Quota Club operated Pink Ribbon day fundraising stalls. Some local businesses also participated in the event.

The official date for Pink Ribbon Day was Monday, October 27.

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