Stellar SuperSTOL

 Jared Beaman

Business has taken off for Quirindi locals Brett and Corallee Patton who recently kick-started an aircraft dealership called Just Aircraft Australia.

As a subsidiary of the United States based company Just Aircraft, Brett and Corallee’s business will supply brand name airplanes to clients within the country. Just Aircraft presently manufactures three different airplane models including the Highlander, the Escapade and their most recent release, the SuperSTOL.

A short field bush aircraft, the SuperSTOL features a unique design that has been generating a lot of interest in the international aviation community.

Among its numerous groundbreaking features, the aircraft has an improved stall range which allows it to be safely slowed to considerably low speeds during flight. Further, the airplane’s unique design allows for both short distance takeoffs and landings, often in a space as short as 50 metres.

The SuperSTOL is equipped with a hydraulic shock system which makes landing on a selection of non-runway surfaces possible. The aircraft has a high angle of attack which allows it to be able to drop into small areas, such as a clearing, for landing. On top of all this, the SuperSTOL maintains respectable cruising speeds and fuel economy for when travelling long distances.

A career pilot, having operated agricultural spraying and firebombing flights over the past 25 years, Brett Patton was quite impressed by the capabilities of Just Aircraft’s latest creation.

“It’s incredible what it can do. You can literally get off the ground in 50 metres and land again in 50 metres,” he explained.

Before opening his Just Aircraft dealership, Brett Patton purchased a SuperSTOL kit and put it together himself. Working from his shed, he was able to construct the airplane in roughly 400 to 600 hours. His efforts resulted in the first airplane of its kind in Australia.

“It’s a very unique design. There is nothing in Australia right now that can do anything near what this airplane is capable of, not even close.” he explained. “It’s just an excellent machine with great capabilities and it’s extremely robust.

“It can land virtually anywhere. You don’t need a runway. Runways are purely optional,” he added.

Brett and Corallee plan to showcase the aircraft through prearranged demo flights and at aviation events such as the Avalon Airshow in February/March 2015. They have already received a large expression of interest regarding the SuperSTOL via social media.

For the latest information about Just Aircraft Australia visit or contact Brett on 0488 462 000 or Corallee on 0488 546 200.

Be sure to check out Just Aircraft Australia’s Facebook page for the latest photos and videos of their SuperSTOL in action.

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