Shenhua supports Walhallow School

Jared Beaman

On Monday December 1, Walhallow Public School had the privilege of hosting an assembly commemorating the completion of recent work on their school playground area.

The developments consisted of the addition of playground soft fall, playground seating, improved sandpit area and additional decorations and improvements. The project was completed using a grant donated by Shenhua Watermark Coal as part of their Community Fund program.

Attending Shenhua Watermark Representative Gerry McDonald provided an address during the ceremony.

“We are proud to be able to assist Walhallow School in the improvement of your playground,” he told the assembly audience.
According to Gerry, “Shenhua Watermark has supported the Walhallow School by providing funding in the order of $50000 dollars which comes from the Shenhua Community Fund.”

The Community Fund was established in 2009 as part of Shenhua’s Exploration Licence agreement. The proposal has seen the coal based energy company deliver close to $5,000,000 to the community in the past five years.

Walhallow School Principal Mrs Leeanne Batho said, “I would like to thank Shenhua Watermark for their generous donation. It definitely makes a big difference to us. The school playground now looks clean and modern and it has really finished the school off well.”

Gerry suggests that despite 2014 being the final round of Shenhua Watermark’s Community Fund, the company will continue to support locals in various ways while operating in the region.

“The Community Fund, as it was instituted five years ago, is now a completed program. We are now, as a company, waiting for Government approvals to be finalised. During these environmental assessment processes we’ve also committed to a continued program of offering school based traineeships to young people as well as providing job opportunities to people in the local area,” he concluded.

Visit for more information on the recent community grants provided by Shenhua Watermark.

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