NSW the worst performer in coal seam gas reform process: COAG

A report released by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) Reform Council has found the NSW Government is the worst performer in meeting its obligations to effectively regulate coal seam gas (CSG) and large coal mining.
The report comes the day after a former Queensland bureaucrat labelled the CSG assessment process in that state a “farce” on ABC’s Four Corners.
NSW Farmers’ President, Fiona Simson, said the report should be sounding alarm bells within the O’Farrell Government that more work is needed before the community can have confidence in its assessment processes.
“What this report has found is that NSW is the only signatory to the COAG process which has failed to propose a satisfactory way to incorporate independent scientific advice. The O’Farrell Government is still refusing to acknowledge that farmers and communities expect their water to be protected above all else,” Ms Simson said.
NSW Farmers is continuing to call on the NSW Government to revisit its Aquifer Interference Policy to deliver on its election commitments and set standards that communities can have confidence in.
“Before the last election we were promised a binding Aquifer Interference Regulation which would require approvals under water legislation. Instead we have been given a policy which miners and government-alike are free to ignore. If that isn’t a recipe to replicate Queensland’s mistakes then we don’t know what is.
“Nothing could be more fundamental than the food we eat and the water we drink. The people of NSW understand that and it is time the NSW Government took their advice rather than cosying up to big miners,” Ms Simson concluded

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