Middleton’s at the Quirindi Show

Jared Beaman

Award winning pig farmers Dave and Glenda Middleton are currently preparing for another year as stewards for the Quirindi Spring Show’s Pig section.

The couple, who are based out at Glendave Ranch near Wallabadah, are regular attendants at pig shows around Australia. They have found incredible success as competitors throughout the past 15 years.

“We used to show horses,” explained Dave. “I broke my hip so we decided, in about 1999, to register a stud and start showing pigs instead.”

Dave and Glenda spend plenty of time each year travelling from event to event in order to display their prized livestock.

“We start off the year with the Tamworth Show and then we do the Sydney Easter Show, then Gunnedah, Dubbo and Quirindi. We’ve also done shows at Adelaide and Bendigo.” said Dave.

For the past decade and a half, Dave and Glenda’s efforts have resulted in the accrual of a multitude of prizes and awards.

“We’ve accumulated around 1000 ribbons and about 300 to 400 trophies during the past 15 years,” Dave explained.

As well as competing in pig events, the couple often act as chief stewards for many of the shows they attend, including in Quirindi. Close to home, the local show is always a priority on their list of competitions to be a part of.

For the 2014 event, Dave explains that those who come along will be able to see a wide array of pig species.

“There will be about five different breeds of pig to come along and have a look at,” said Dave. “Kid’s always love them and at many of the shows we go to, about 80% of the people who come through the gates come to have a look at the pigs.”

The Quirindi Show marks the Middleton’s final calendar event for the year, with the 2015 Tamworth Show kicking things off next year.

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