Level crossing safety enforcement

Police will be targeting level crossings in an effort to crack down on dangerous driving in the State’s North West.

The crackdown aims to increase level crossing safety and promote drivers to stick to the road rules rather than hastening to other side.

118 level crossing collisions between trains and vehicles have been recorded in NSW since 2001/02. Further, according to NSW Police Force there are approximately 180 fatalities every year caused by people walking on rail tracks, in rail corridors or by taking risks when travelling over a level crossing.

Due to the high incident rate, NSW Police Force considers rail crossing safety to be an important concern and is making additional efforts to ensure that the statistics are minimised.

When a vehicle collides with a train it often ends disastrously. NSW Police Force will be using their level crossing campaign to emphasise the importance of staying safe by avoiding these situations.

There are many motorists who opt to disregard road rules for sake of a quicker journey. Police hope their campaign will assist in reducing the prevalence of this mind-set.

Those caught disobeying level crossing road rules will face losing three demerit points and will receive a $415 fine. Further penalties can occur if the motorist enters a level crossing in disregard of road rules and the road ahead of them is obstructed (i.e. from another vehicle).


Photography by Jared Beaman.

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