Farming for Kids set to fly

Quirindi based ‘farming for kids’ looks set to fly with the organisation progressing its plans to farm the un-used land surrounding Quirindi Airport and donate the profits to children in need in Liverpool Plains Shire Council area.

Farming for Kids is the brainchild of Pine Ridge farmer Charles Hill. “This is a long-term project and we are still in the early stages,” Mr Hill said.

“We have reached agreement in principle with Liverpool Plains Shire Council to lease the country from them on a long-term basis and are now working to finalise the required paper work.”

“We are hoping to gain access to the land prior to Christmas which will allow the organisation to start distributing funds in 2014.”

Mr Hill said the idea had been supported and developed by a committed group of like-minded individuals including fellow farmer Ian Carter, Les Brown from Quirindi Air, Peter Slade from Agspray and Lyndsey Maybury from Maybury Harvesting.

The group plans to farm approximately 50 hectares around the airstrip and aerodrome with all labour and equipment being supplied on a voluntary basis and inputs being donated by local business.

“It is fantastic that we are going to be able to take an underutilised asset and rely on volunteers and supporters to generate funds which will flow directly to children who need help in our community,” Mr Hill said.

“This asset is owned by our community and now we can use it to generate direct benefits for our area.”

Organisations and individuals will be able to apply for financial assistance from Farming for Kids. Details of who can apply, and the application process will be publicised locally when Farming for Kids is in a position to commence distributing funds.

Examples of funding could include financial support to allow broad access to excursions and other extracurricular school activities, support for children and families of children with high-care needs and donations to other local charities.

“The support we have had for this initiative has been extremely welcome,” Mr Hill said.
“Already we have had considerable pro bono assistance from Everingham Solomon’s Solicitors and Forsyths Accounting, for which we are extremely grateful.”

Farming for Kids has also secured the support of Pursehouse Rural, Agspray, amps and Agracom.

For further information or to provide assistance please contact Charles Hill on 0428 658 149, Ian Carter on 0428 668 905 or Les Brown on 0429 658 545.

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