Community steps up for Public School

The grounds at Quirindi Pubic School are looking better than ever thanks to an ongoing effort from individual parents, school staff, the P&C and a range of local businesses.

 A number of new shade shelters have been erected and extensive landscaping has been completed between the existing basketball and netball courts.

“Our efforts this year have been very much focussed on pooling resources to make the school’s outdoor environment more enjoyable and safer for the school community,” P&C President Mrs Tammy McGuckin said.

“We have been working in consultation with the school executive to provide much needed shade for students and staff and to make our school grounds attractive – to make the school grounds a place where people enjoy being and enjoy learning.”

In particular the P&C have co-ordinated the re-landscaping of the barren slope between the existing netball and basketball courts – a massive task co-ordinated by P&C member Simon Smith.

“This was a really unattractive area that was continually getting worse due to erosion,” Mrs McGuckin said.  “But thanks to a range of parents and local business and a donation from the P&C, this area is now ready to be planted out to form a new garden in the play area. It really has been an extraordinary effort.”

The P&C initially donated around $4,000 for the purchase of a concrete barriers to form a stable retaining wall at the bottom of the slope. The huge task of transporting the barriers, from Queensland to the school was done at a reduced price by McGuckin Transport.

Lindsay Andrews, from Quirindi Excavations then donated his time and equipment to prepare the site for the installation of the barriers.  Quirindi Engineering donated the crane to lift the barriers into place. Thank you to Loyd Love for his time and effort, working the crane to place the barriers in position.

Leed Engineering then came to the rescue in terms of the huge task of backfilling the slope, donating all labour and materials. More than 300 tonnes of soil was donated and transported to the site free of charge.

This was all topped off with Mark Stewart’s donation of hay to mulch the entire area.
Lee Marks, Supervisor from Leed Engineering, said the donation of time, soil and equipment was one way his business could give something back to the Quirindi community.

“We have been conducting significant work in this area, including the Quirindi to Willow Tree water line and this project at the school tied in well with what we were doing at the time. It was a great example of how businesses and local organisations can work together to bring long-term benefits to the region.”

The P&C has also donated several thousand dollars for the construction of new shaded seating/table structures around the school grounds. These funds paid for five new structures, a task that would have been impossible without the donation of time and expertise by a range of individuals. Simon Smith oversaw the construction, with help from Aaron Lawson, Owen Taylor and McLeans Earthmoving.

Quirindi Public School Principal Mr Kerry Kurtz said the school was fortunate to have such a proactive and supportive P&C.  “The P&C has done a brilliant job in working with the school to identify areas of need and bring in resources to address them,” he said.  “None of this would be possible without a range of volunteers and the kind donations by many people, for which we are extremely grateful.”

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