Clubs are an important community resource

Jared Beaman

Recently, ClubsNSW announced the donation of $240 000 to non-profit service organisation Little Wings.

ClubsNSW’s donation will be provided in portions over the next four years, but will include a one off donation of $120,000 to assist in purchasing a new aeroplane for the flight service.

Little Wings, which provides free flights for sick children and their families living in regional New South Wales, is one of the many community services and charity groups supported by ClubsNSW. Some others include Surf Life Saving NSW, Youth Off The Streets, Life Education NSW and The Centre for Volunteering.

Just as ClubNSW supports charities and services in New South Wales, so do the various registered clubs it represents. Local clubs are an important aspect of any community, providing both entertainment facilities as well as support for organisations and community groups that make up the towns they are a part of.

The Werris Creek Bowling and Tennis Club is a great facility within the Liverpool Plains Shire that plays a significant role in the Werris Creek Township. It provides a place for entertainment, food, sport and event functions. It also boasts some of the finest bowling greens and tennis court amenities in the northwest region.

According to Secretary Manager Peter McDade, “The Werris Creek Bowling and Tennis Club provides donations and sponsorship to local community groups.

“The club allows community groups to host a fundraising raffle every Thursday night, raising on average $160 a night.

“We also provide free function room hire for all members and allow community groups to use club facilities free charge including sporting facilities and barbecue area use for fundraising purposes,” he concluded.

Another involvement is the Club’s biweekly running of a Bingo competition. Although it does not profit from the activity, the Club maintains the event in order to give Werris Creek’s senior citizens something to participate in on a regular basis.

A second notable local location in the Liverpool Plains Shire is the QUIRINDI RSL Club. The Club is a centrepiece venue in the Quirindi region for dining, events and entertainment. The Club also offers a variety of support services for the community which make it a valuable resource for local residents.

In 2013 the club made $6000 dollars in donations towards education in the Liverpool Plains as well as $2000 as bursary to Quirindi High School students for university fees. Each year, $35000 is donated for the provision of Quirindi RSL Golf Course for the community.

The RSL Club provides regular use of its rooms to groups such as Quirindi Legacy, Quirindi Rotary, Quirindi Lions Club, Quirindi Toastmasters, Quirindi Bridge Club, Quirindi Polo Cross, Quirindi Motor Cycle Club and Liverpool Plains Liquor Accord. All community and charity organisations receive use of these rooms free of charge.

Quirindi RSL Club makes regular ‘Charity of the Month’ donations to groups including Rotary, HACC, Girl Guides, CWA, Quota, Quirindi Red Cross, Eloura Auxiliary, Ovarian Cancer Australia, Quirindi Hospital Auxiliary, CANASSIST, Quirindi Minor League and Rescue Squad.

Clubs are important parts of any township or area. Drop into your local club to help support them and to thank them for their contribution.

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