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Level crossing safety enforcement

Police will be targeting level crossings in an effort to crack down on dangerous driving in the State’s North West. The crackdown aims to increase level crossing safety and promote drivers to stick to the road rules rather than hastening to other side. 118 level crossing collisions between trains and vehicles have been recorded in NSW since 2001/02. Further, according to NSW Police Force there are approximately...

Dryer than normal conditions

Jared Beaman Those residing in the local area can expect drier than normal conditions for the remainder of October, November and December. According to the Australian Government’s Bureau of Meteorology, a neutral Indian Ocean Dipole and abnormally warmer temperatures in the tropical Pacific Ocean are climatic factors which have been leading to drier weather in certain parts of the nation including the eastern side of Australia. In terms...

In memory of

Sally Alden Former Quirindi resident, Katrina Easey is shaving her head for charity this October 31. “All funds will go to the Autoimmune Research and Resource Clinic attached to John Hunter Hospital at Newcastle.” Katrina is fundraising in memory of her late mother, Helen Easey who sadly passed away in July after her battle with the autoimmune disease Scleroderma. "Prior to mum being diagnosed I had never heard of...

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