Art and Music rolled into one

It was for the Art lovers and Art creators and it was a lovely place to be on Saturday November 3 and 4 at the Rural Heritage Museum Café for a display of eclectic art and music.
Linda Brady, organiser and contributor to the Art Exhibition, is very proud of its now 3rd year in operation and hopes it will become an annual event for many years to come. There is no entry fee for the artists but also no winners. Instead, 20% of the sale of any artworks is given back to the Heritage Village and selling a painting is winning enough. As the weekend came and went the Red Dots were placed on more and more pieces of art and the patrons couldn’t be happier.
There were many local artists involved, including Cynthia Hart, whose artwork “Fleur” is a contemporary piece amongst other more traditional paintings showing the diverse nature of the exhibition. There was landscape and portraits as well as glassware and sculptures. Other local artists included Anne Holland, Maureen Holdsworth, Maureen Wilcox, Dave Austin and Norma Mund whose paperbark pictures had to be seen to be believed. A couple of stand- out pieces was Tammie Clark’s glass sculptures, colourful and unique in their beauty and works by Elaine Hallmark who used only one hand to paint due to a stroke.
As a “SOLD” red dot was placed on her artwork Cynthia Hart commented, “I get goose bumps when one of my pieces gets sold and it is very exciting.” Linda Brady also empathises with that feeling when she is able to place the sticker on the piece. That little red dot is a reflection of all the time and effort put into these works of art and its reward.
When asked how Linda feels about the exhibition she explains that she “Loves every minute of it and wishes all the pieces could be kept up all the time.” Although the exhibition is only open for the weekend, Linda is happy to note that the pieces will be up until the end of the month.
Musicians Janelle Jackson and Fleur Hamilton entertained the crowd with their talents playing guitar and singing with the artworks as their backdrop. For any information on next year’s Exhibition you can make contact by going to the Liverpool Plains Shire website and finding it under Events.

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